Alisa Keesey: Container-based Sanitation at the Standing Rock Protest: an experiment in communal toilet management and extreme composting in rural North Dakota, USA

Jan Hitzegrad:Pilot Project for Basic Needs Service Provision for Rural Households in Mexico – A status report

Jean Gaston: Implementation of a dry toilet with biocontrolled litter device in an Haitian rural area

Oyungerel Tsedevdamba: Promoting Sustainable Sanitation to Mongolian Public Using a Book and Nationwide training

Linus Dagerskog: Return to learn – ecosan use and reuse post-project in villages in Burkina Faso and Niger

Mariya E. Kelova: Dry toilets technology review within the framework of circular economy: The transformation of human excreta into new resources and risks associated with their utilization

Surendra K Pradhan: Mineral fertilizer production from human urine using Gaspermeable hydrophobic membrane

Derek Lam: Eco toilet DEHTLET system

Xanthe Roux: Assessing two toilet designs and how innovative technologies might lead to better acceptance

Yoshiki Higuchi: Introduction of Compact Compost Toilet as a Disaster Preparedness to Detached Housing in Japan

Linus Dagerskog: Developing the Clean and Green Village framework – combining advantages from CLTS and ecological sanitation for rural health and productivity

Nyambe Sikopo: The image of peri-urban sanitation and health through the eyes of the young: Understanding community sanitation and health in Lusaka, Zambia

Min Prasad Basnet: Sustaining sanitation movements generating livelihoods for low income households

Namaste Lal Bhoomi Shrestha: Social and Cultural Aspects of Sustainable Sanitation

Joseph Jenkins: Thermophilic Composting as a Sanitation Alternative in Nicaragua

Edith Godfroy: Implemented practices of ecological sanitation – Food security – Social and cultural aspects of sustainable sanitation (Burkina Faso)

Ole Ersson: Community composting toilet system using IAPMO WE-Stand

Natasha Dokovska: Water and Sanitation Safety Planning(WSSP) in Rural Areas of Eastern Europe

Claudia Wendland: Community Based Data on Sanitation and MHM at Home, Work and School Worldwide

Benjamin C. Wilde: Nitrified Urine Fertilizer Field Trial: An Ecological Assessment of NUF on Maize Growth in South Africa

S.Vishwanath: The reuse of untreated waste-water and faecal sludge in a small town – the nudge approach

Fedde Jorritsma: Producing heat and compost from humanure with Biomeilers

J. M. Raude: Faecal Sludge Briquettes: Turning Human Waste Into Energy

Eeva-Liisa Viskari: Fertilizer potential of human urine in barley cultivation

Tamene Hailu: Characterization and Valorization of fecal for Development of Sustainable Urban Sanitation in Ethiopia

Samuel Autran: Container-based Sanitation as a low-cost solution in high-need areas: a case study review of community-based compost sanitation in six countries

Bimal Tandukar: Aerobic Bio-Composting Toilet – An affordable toilet solution to sustain ODF

M. Ganesapillai: Self Sustained Sanitation for Resource Recovery of Plant Essential Nutrients

Prithvi Simha: From liquid waste to dry commercial-grade fertiliser: Alkaline dehydration technology for urine-diverting toilets

Verster Bernelle: Getting everyone – rich and poor – to use urine diversion dry toilets: moving to resource recovery and equitable sanitation in the South African context

Ben Aguilar: Winning back the health of Filipino schoolchildren: the relationships between the Department of Education’s Wash in Schools Program, School Based Feeding Program, and Philippine Informal Reading Inventory

Renata Coura: Nitrogen recovery from agroindustrial wastewater by struvite precipitation in a strategy to overcome methane production inhibition by ammonium nitrogen

Gina S Itchon: Improving the Nutritional Outcomes of School-based Feeding for Filipino Children: Integrating Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)

Hasti Rezaei: Promotion and implementation of ECOSAN with corporation and creativity of stakeholders in University of Tehran, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UTCAN)

Claudia Wendland: National Technical Standard for Construction and Operation of UDDT in Moldova – 10 years ecosan success story from grassroot to national level

Lloyd-EkoLakay in Haiti: Can Container-Based Sanitation be a Key Component of Citywide Inclusive Sanitation for Dense Urban Settings?

Rikka Allolea Casiño Laplap-Macariola: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) Conditions and its Links to Intestinal Parasitism and Anemia Among Pregnant Women in the Philippines

Stella Neema: Children’s participation in inclusive innovation process using human rights based approach and design thinking

Uzra Sultana: Project Nirmal – Piloting appropriate and sustainable sanitation service delivery in small towns of Odisha, India

Dexter Lo: Floodplain Modeling as Tool for Communicating Urban Sanitation Issues in a Changing Climate: The Case of Bitan-ag Creek_

Poster presentations

Here are the conference poster presentations that are allowed to be published in our website.

Garcia- Promotion of dry urine diverting (eco-san) toilets in rural Nepal – results, technical development and challenges

Farhat- An Initiative to Introduce Water Sanitation and Hygiene Education in Schools Through WASH Clubs in Rural Areas of Bahawalpur District, Pakistan

Lloyd- EkoLakay in Haiti: Can Container-Based Sanitation be a Key Component of Citywide Inclusive Sanitation for Dense Urban Settings?

Masgon- Human Urine as Soil Enhancer to Sustainable Vegetable Gardens of an IDP Community in Marawi City

Viskari- Nutrient Recovery With Source Separation of Urine- Environmental Benefits and Fertilizer Potential (published earlier)