Voluntary work

Do you want to do your part in making the future better for everyone? If so, Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland gladly accepts all kind of voluntary work. For example, you can help us by volunteering to events, by sharing your dry toilet knowledge, by taking pictures or by doing some other visual work to our association. If you own a dry toilet, we are always happy to receive stories about private dry toilets. These are just examples of the voluntary work you could do! Contact us and offer your talent freely! You can send an email to toimisto(a)huussi.net

Or are you interested in Africa and development cooperation? Volunteers are also welcome to work with our abroad projects. Right now, we have projects in Zambia and Ghana. If you are interested in working in our projects, you can write to Sari Huuhtanen. Email is sari.huuhtanen(a)huussi.net