For companies and associations

Companies and associations can also become members of Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland.

The activities of companies have a major impact on the state of the environment both locally and globally. On the other hand, the operation of companies often depends on the state of the environment and the availability of raw materials. The purpose of GDTA’s business cooperation is to support companies’ activities in the development of sustainable technological solutions and operating models in the field of ecological sanitation and DT technology. GDTA passes on information about DT technology to users of dry toilets and users’ experiences to equipment manufacturers. As a member of the association, you have the opportunity to be involved in this exchange of information. We offer our company members, among other things, discounts on fair prices (including the Oma Mökki fair), visibility for equipment and products, and we make every effort to serve and cooperate with our company members. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and thoughts!

The membership fees for companies and associations are following:

  • Association 50€
  • Microcompany 200€
  • Small and medium companies 300€
  • Big companies 600€ (revenue –> 1 mil.)

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