Direct donations

You can support our projects and our operations by making a direct donation. Your support is invaluable!

Donations can be directly paid to:
Account number: FI65 5104 0020 0652 01
Account name: Global Dry Toilet Association
Message: Donation for Finland’s activities OR donation in foreign operations

You can also buy ethical, intellectual gifts in our online store, for example a birthday or Christmas present!

What can your donation buy? For example..
– 1 euro: can water storage
– EUR 5: cleaning and maintenance equipment for the toilet
– EUR 15: squatting mould for toilet seat
– EUR 50: one child’s share of the school’s dry toilets
– EUR 250: hand washing and hygiene training for 10 children
– EUR 1 000 school latrine construction

Fundraising permit: POL-2015-588 (valid until 31.12.2016)
The collection area: The whole of Finland (excluding the Åland Islands)
Issuing authority: National Police Board