Welcome to join us in helping sustainable development along and making a difference in the world!

Our vision is to make dry toilets an essential part of sustainable development in order to ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy clean water and a healthy environment.

Did you know?

About 1,7 billion people live without even a basic sanitation

Around 500 million of them practice open defecation. The toilet output or wastewaters of 3,7 billion people – 46 % of the world’s population – is not safely managed. Almost 700 million school children lack basic sanitation services at their school. In Finland there are concerns about the eutrophication of water bodies and, on the other hand, the depletion of phosphorus. Recycling of phosphorous should be more efficient.

What we do?

The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland provides unbiased and free guidance. We are also involved in a number of different events where we provide advise and information. We collect and distribute information on different types of dry toilet solutions and our objective is to develop dry toilet technology (DT-technology) and culture. We implement projects both in Finland and abroad, currently mainly in several African countries.

The biggest event the Association organizes is the international “Dry Toilet Conference” which is organized every three years, next one will be hosted in 2022.

Training and lectures

We arrange education, training and awareness raising e.g. on ecological sanitation, Dry Toilet technology and sustainable development. This includes training in the installation, use and maintenance of the various types of dry toilets. The association also gives training about the treatment of toilet outputs and about sanitation in developing countries.

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