Our member companies

Our member companies

Global Dry Toilet Association has a number of corporate members, that offer a variety of dry toilets and water supply services, such as toilet discharge equipment, waste and gray water systems, engineering services and related products (such as composting bulking material, sanitation products, horticultural products and composters).

The links below lead you to the products and services offered by our company members.

Retail stores, importers and manufacturers:

ait ecoteco AddBrainCap Oy

biolan_navilogo  Biolan Oy

logoOy Suomen Clivus-Finska Clivus Ab

ekolet  Ekolet Oy


logo_kekkila_2  Kekkilä Oy

novosan_logo Novosan Oy

separett  Oy Separett Ab

Waste water systems and gray water:

fann_logo  FANN Ympäristötekniikka Oy

  Meripalo Oy

Related products (composting bulking material, soil conditioners, horticultural products, etc.)

andy handy Andy Handy – Stella Marketing Ky

biolan_navilogo  Biolan Oy

Kekkila_G_logo_3cm  Kekkilä Oy

  Meripalo Oy

Environmental Engineering Services and consulting:

Arctic Cowboys Ltd Oy

Meripalo Oy

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Our supporting members: