Training and lectures

Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland Training Services

We arrange education, training and counselling on ecological sanitation and Dry Toilet technology.
This includes training in the use, installation and in the various types of dry toilets. The association can demonstrate the products as well as give lectures about the treatment of toilet waste and sanitation in developing countries.

We can also act as partners in your education or other projects.

Target groups

Content of the courses are always tailored to suit the target group. The groups can be, for example, municipal authorities, local residents and other organizations such as village councils, various projects, educational institutions, students, etc.

Examples of lecture topics-


  • Wastewater Decree, environmental regulations and other municipality-specific instructions

Dry toilets

  •     Dry toilet wastewater; solving issues particularly in rural areas.
  •     Acquisition, device models and operating principles of dry toilets.
  •     Installation, maintenance and the experience of using dry toilets.
  •     Correct treatment and composting of latrine outputs.
  •     Promotion of the use of dry toilets in Finland and the challenges of the operating  environment

Sanitation in developing countries

  •     Choosing the best sanitation solution.
  •     Water and sanitation related infectious diseases.
  •     Promotion of best practices in ecological sanitation.
  •     Sanitation and sustainable development.

Costs of lecturers

Global Dry Toilet Association is to charge the agreed amount (lecture fee, daily allowances and travel allowance) from the applicant and pay the lecturer. The lecturers are working in, or outside of the association’s projects.

Inquiries and orders

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