What we do

The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland provides unbiased and free advice.  We are also involved in a number of different events where we provide advise and information. Get in touch and like us on facebook!

There are multiple tasks the Association does to implement its objectives. The Association gathers and disseminates information on different types of dry toilet solutions, develops dry toilet technology (DT technology) and culture, promotes the use of dry toilets and represents the interests of dry toilet users. To promote the usage of dry toilets and spread the information about the Association and DT technology, the Association also organizes exhibitions, conferences and other events, participates in research and publishes research results, and gives out statements to the press and public regarding dry toilets. Association has several projects both in Finland and in Africa to promote sanitation, hygiene, water saving and nutrient recycling for the better health and the environment.

The biggest event the Association organizes is the international “Dry Toilet Conference” which is organized every three years, next one will be hosted in 2021. The other significant event is the  “Kultainen talikko” competition, where in an award is given out every year for the “Toilet Achievement of the Year”, in other words for the significant promotion of matters concerning dry toilets.