Dry Toilet -konferenssi 2003

Dry Toilet Conference 2003

The general concern for the state of the world’s waters, and the high death rate caused by inadequate disposal of human excreta gave the idea of organising a dry toilet conference.

The objectives of the conference were:
– To present dry toilet as an equal option to water closet
– To promote the use of human excreta as fertilizer
– To introduce modern dry toilet technology and processes
– To present alternative solutions
– To widen the understanding of the cultural aspects of sanitation
– To present dry toilet as a method of protecting both ground and surface waters

The DT2003 Conference made it evident that a broader approach is needed for dry sanitation. The term “DT-technology” was introduced to describe the multiple fields that proper dry sanitation includes.

More information about the conference and exhibition can be found from the links listed below.